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Fogstone Games Presents...

Booming depth charges and pinging sonar blips fill the waters around deadly naval destroyers when they attack their prey.  Transports and convoys can feel much safer when destroyers are on the job to protect them from enemy submerged submarines, and raiding enemy surface ships.

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Destroyers use sonar to track their targets, and depth charges to kill enemy submerged submarines.  Navy destroyers improved the accuracy of their sonar and depth charges rapidly during World War II.  These improvements eventually won the Battle for the Atlantic.

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Navy destroyers from world war ii see lots of action in LAR.  Destroyers are used to track down enemy submarines, to protect larger battleships or carriers, and to raid enemy shipping or cities.  Destroyers are probably the most common ship found in a navy ship list, especially in word war ii.Looking for a new

Destroyer Game?

 Try Lost Admiral Returns!

Destroyers and PTs are the work horse ships in Lost Admiral Returns. Navy Destroyers and PTs are responsible for searching out enemy subs, running down remote enemy transports or cities, and for quickly exploring distant points of various battle maps.

Out think and out maneuver your enemy like you would in a chess game!  Try Lost Admiral Returns today and master the destroyer game duels that always arise around distant cities.

Destroyers move fairly quickly in Lost Admiral, making them great at raiding, escorting, and hunting down wounded ships. However, a battleship will sink a destroyer in one shot, and take little damage to themselves in the process.

Patrol boats (nicknamed PTs) move even faster, which makes them the best for scouting or raids on distant cities. The catch is they are killed in one shot by most other ships.

England used many royal navy destroyers to protect convoys during world war II in the Battle for the Atlantic against the German navy.  Royal navy destroyers eventually became very efficient at killing enemy submarines, and destroyers have gone down in history as the bane of submarinesBoth Navy Destroyers and PT boats excel at hunting down submerged submarines in LAR. A destroyer will kill a submerged submarine in one shot. PT boats need two shots to kill a submerged submarine.

Obviously there are many other navy ships found in traditional navies. Lost Admiral Returns groups these ships into abstract groups based on their size and fighting style. So the largest fighting ships are treated as battleships, with smaller, but still quite large, warships being categorized as cruisers. Escort and submarine hunting ships are put under destroyers or PT boats. Aircraft Carriers have one class of ship of their own, and the same applies to submarines and transports.

Try the game and see the action yourself now!

Lost Admiral Returns
is a fun, quick playing Naval Strategy Game:  Outmaneuver your opponent using Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines and other ships for control of coastal cities.
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“Lost Admiral Returns” is just the gaming ticket for anyone who wants a strategic challenge. There is some excellent eye candy here, too, but the reason this title will hold a place of honor in your own pantheon of great games it that it will challenge you, make you think and have a thoroughly enjoyable time in the process.”

--Lonnie Falk


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