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Fogstone Games Presents...

Aircraft Carriers are the best way to scout for enemy forces in the Lost Admiral Returns strategy game.  Just like Japanese and US navy aircraft carriers in wwii, they can quickly turn the tide of battle in your favor when used well.

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In LAR, you can earn the right to use special “flagships” that are usually beefed up aircraft carriers.  You earn these flagships by improving your US Navy Rank, usually by winning battles on different maps in the game.  The higher your US Navy Rank, the better your flagships will tend to be.

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The most famous aircraft carriers of world war ii fought in the Battle of Midway.  Four of Japan’s successful aircraft carriers from the earlier Pearl Harbor raid were destroyed through a series of skirmishes and mistakes against the surviving American aircraft carriers in the area.  Airplanes from both sides used a variety of torpedo planes, fighters, and fighter bombers to great effect against enemy ships.Looking for a new

Carrier Game?

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Carriers are the eyes and ears of a navy fleet in Lost Admiral Returns. Carriers are the only ship in LAR that can see out beyond their own hex when moving across the oceans. Therefore they are best used to find enemy ships before actually engaging in combat with those ships. Seeing the enemy ships several hexes away from your current position gives the player time to plan out how to best attack and destroy those enemy ships. Or to avoid contact with the enemy fleet when badly outnumbered.

Out think and out maneuver your enemy like you would in a chess game!  Try Lost Admiral Returns today and master the carrier game fleet maneuvers that always arise at the start of large battles.


Outside of the Pacific Ocean, aircraft carriers saw much less action in world war ii.  British aircraft carriers were still using bi-wing airplanes during world war ii, and these planes were very slow when attacking enemy ships with torpedoes.  Despite these slower planes, one British aircraft carrier played a key role in destroying the infamous German Battleship Bismarck by successfully hitting it with several torpedoes on two separate air raids.  The last torpedo attack jammed the steering rudder of the Bismarck, allowing nearby British battleships to catch and sink the doomed ship.At all times, carriers reveal the presence of all enemy surface ships near their own location. In combat, carrier planes do lots of damage to ships attacking the carrier, and help nearby friendly ships by adding to the damage they normally do.

Japanese and US Carriers were central to World War II navy fleets. You can create your own customized fleets in LAR, follow your own philosophy on what makes the most balanced, deadly fleet to defeat the enemy with.

Special Flagships in LAR:
As your navy rank goes up in Lost Admiral Returns, you will earn access to new and better Flagships.  A flagship is usually a beefed up version of an aircraft carrier, though you can sometimes choose a battleship hull instead.  Your US Navy Rank in LAR governs what kind of flagship you can choose, and what customized modules you can add to it.  Special abilities include moving faster, repairing ships, being better at helping other ships with air support, taking more damage before sinking, and many other abilities.

Try LAR now and get into the aircraft carrier action!


Lost Admiral Returns
is a fun, quick playing Naval Strategy Game:  Outmaneuver your opponent using Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines and other ships for control of coastal cities.
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Like all great strategy games, the rules are simple, but the variations are endless.  Great for hours of enjoyment. - anonymous
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