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Battleships are lots of fun in Lost Admiral Returns.  Unlike most Battleship Games, you can maneuver these massive killing machines to dominate the battle ocean.  You can also enjoy the flavor of famous wwii battleship combat with your choice of famous ships such as the Yamato battleship, Battleship New Jersey, Battleship Texas, Battleship Missouri, or any other battleship that comes to mind.

"Fishing Rights" Mission #5

  The enemy has been pressuring various fishing grounds in this area for quite some time.  Recent incidents have escalated sharply, and now open hostilities have broken out on these normally neutral areas.  Neutral countries are being forced to have their warships defend their fishing rights.

  Command Central expects you to straighten out this mess by suppressing the enemy activities in these fishing areas, and restore peaceful operations for all involved parties.  We must not let the enemy sway the balance of power away from us by intimidating these various neutral nations.

  Tensions in the fishing zones are very high right now and the situation may have changed quickly by the time your forces are ready to respond.  Be prepared to deal with any level of enemy incursion.  Drive the enemy out of these fishing zones and keep them out by patrolling the area while fishing is going on.

  Lucky for us, several neutral nations have agreed to assign their warships in the area to help us defend the zones.  Unfortunately the enemy has also coerced several other neutral nations to "fall in line" with the enemy's claims on these zones.  As a result there are a lot of armed warships in the area, or headed to the fishing zones.  Expect armed clashes and casualties to be high while settling this dispute!

  To be specific, take over defensive operations for all friendly warships in the fishing zones.  Fend off the enemy warships there where possible, and bring in new reinforcements from our own forces to help these beleaguered neutral countries.  Expect and respond to new enemy incursions into the fishing zones, and perhaps try to intercept some of these forces before they reach the zones.

  The mission button and floating mission menu will describe how the duel is going.

 Because this mission is so important to our navy's morale, the normal city conquest Victory Points you take during this mission will be adjusted by how well you fare in protecting the fishing grounds.  This adjustment is made to what would otherwise be your normal cumulative VP total for the game.

 For instance, if you fail to protect any of the fishing zones involved, you will usually be credited only 60% or less of your actual VP total.  If you manage to let fishing vessels bring in 80% of their target fish hauls, you will receive credit for 100% of your VP total.  Succeed in letting all of the fish harvests be caught, and you will be credited 120% or more of your actual VP total.

Specific Tips on how to execute the mission start here:

  A certain number of fish hauls will be caught in each fishing zone after each combat phase that follows the red and yellow movement phases.  Guarding a fishing zone will allow the largest harvest during these two hauls per game turn.  Zones with only enemy ships present will usually generate zero hauls.  Zones with no warships, or warships from both sides present (after combat is resolved) will generally allow some limited harvesting by the various neutral fishing vessels there.

  Each game turn has two of these fishing hauls (right after each movement / combat phase for each side).  The hauls will be accumulated throughout the mission towards the total hauls needed for mission victory.  The fastest way to increase hauls is to drive the enemy out of each specific hex, and keep one of your warships there to guard it (and make the fishing vessels feel safer).  However, just keeping a warship alive in hexes occupied by enemy warships will also allow some harvesting in the background.

  All warships in the fishing zones will be visible to both sides due to reports from spies and neutral fishing vessels about operations there.  Use this information to respond with the right amount of force for each zone in question.

  Note that it can be a bit difficult to tell how well you are succeeding in meeting the quota of fishing needed by the end of the mission.  Therefore the mission summary (found by clicking on the mission button) describes a projected result for this mission based on fish catches during the last two phases.  Use this projection to double check how on course you are to straightening out this mess.

  The enemy is dedicated to claiming these fishing zones during this battle, and will probably have a number of reinforcements headed to the zones.  Be alert for these new warships as they may be moving through areas you would normally not expect to find the enemy in, and can wreak havoc in your back lines if not blocked.  The enemy will also be trying to spread out and claim every hex of the fishing zones, so respond accordingly with your own forces.

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