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Battleships are lots of fun in Lost Admiral Returns.  Unlike most Battleship Games, you can maneuver these massive killing machines to dominate the battle ocean.  You can also enjoy the flavor of famous wwii battleship combat with your choice of famous ships such as the Yamato battleship, Battleship New Jersey, Battleship Texas, Battleship Missouri, or any other battleship that comes to mind.

"Death By Duel" Mission #4

  The enemy has challenged our fleet's honor!  Defeat our most infamous enemies no matter how craven or cowardly they may be.  Our most elite crews will be called upon to do this task no matter what the odds.  Command Central mustered up a few extra forces to free up your core ships to concentrate on the duel at hand.

  Formal terms for this honorable duel were negotiated, and then quickly abandoned as hostilities started across the entire warfront. As a result, you will not know who's shoulders the duty of protecting our honor has fallen onto until the combat action starts!  So be prepared to cover all bases during the coming chaos.

Most attention in this duel will be placed on the most dastardly and infamous ships of the enemy.  These enemy ships will have the most dirty history for doing injustice to us during this long war, and must be sought out and dealt with once and for all.  Sometimes the entire enemy war fleet will be so bad in reputation that we will need to bring retribution to any and all enemy ships that can be found.

Depending on circumstances, you can expect to have the burden of this fight placed squarely on the most elite ships in our fleet.  These ships will be the ones that need to prove our valor and tackle the enemy in close quarters to win the day.

Sometimes the core ships of our fleet will be too scattered to respond to this call for duty, so your entire fleet will have to do the job of hunting down the scummiest of the enemy ships to render justice for our forces.

Because of the recent hostilities, forces on both sides have yet to leave their home ports, so you will sometimes need to travel quite a ways before you can engage the key units of the enemy.  Push hard and fast to reach these critical ships, because the morale of our forces is riding on this, and delay can only bring disaster through lower and lower morale...  Avoiding the fight will only bring disaster to the honorable names of our war ships.

Indeed sometimes the fleet's attention and morale will be so focused on the most infamous enemy ships known, that you may be expected to track down and destroy ships in the farthest reaches of this war zone.  Luckily these infamous ships often inspire reports from spies and neutral parties about their location, allowing you to track their movements even when your forces are not yet able to attack them.

  The mission button and floating mission menu will describe how the duel is going.

 Because this mission is so important to our navy's morale, the normal city conquest Victory Points you take during this mission will be adjusted by how well you fare in the dueling action.  This adjustment is made to what would otherwise be your normal cumulative VP total for the game.

 For instance, if you fail to destroy any of the enemy involved, you will usually be credited only 60% or less of your actual VP total.  If you manage to destroy 80% of the enemy in question, you will receive credit for 100% of your VP total.  Find and destroy all of the enemy in question, and you will be credited 120% or more of your actual VP total.

Specific Tips on how to execute the mission start here:

  You will not know what ships are involved in this duel on your side and the enemy side until your first movement turn.  So be careful during the unit selection stage of the battle... Keep your force selection fluid so you can respond to any situation that comes up as a result of the demands of honor.

  Once you reach the first movement phase, you will be able to see what kind of enemy ships you must destroy (either specific ships, or any / all enemy ships you can reach).  You will also know if your entire fleet is involved in this duel, or just certain elite units.

  To earn credit for destroying the enemy in this duel of honor, you will need to use your designated ships to attack the designated enemy ships.  Only the damage you do with these designated ships will count towards the duel results.  I.E. if you are assigned elite units, and they have been ordered to hunt down the most infamous of the enemy, only attacks by your elite (mission) ships against the enemy infamous (mission) ships will count as dollars of destruction.  Similarly, different twists might count the damage done by your mission ships to any enemy ship.  Or perhaps any of your ships will be able to help kill the specific enemy mission ships for the duel.

  The enemy's most infamous ships and crews can be quite cowardly and craven at times, so they may not cooperate with the code of honor one would expect in a duel.  They may run away from your forces, or simply hang out in distant city ports, forcing you to bring the fight to their location.

  Fortunately Intel Ops for our side have been able to track the most infamous enemy forces from time to time, and will pass a steady flow of spotting reports to you.  Use these reports to scout out the location of enemy forces in question, and head in their direction as soon as possible, before time runs out for defending our honor!

  Note that during combat, larger ships fire first (such as Carriers, Battleships, and Cruisers).  Damage from these larger ships will be applied first, and may affect the overall credit of doing damage for the duel.  I.E. If both sides have designated mission ships for the duel, and a non-mission ship Battleship fires at an enemy mission ships, that damage will NOT count towards the duel!

  So be careful to defend the honor with the right ships!

 Also note that the bonus damage applied from any carrier to an honorable dueling attack will count towards the mission victory.  So you can use non-mission carriers to help mission ships doing their attacks.  BUT the attack must still come from the right kind of ship for this duel, so the damage bonus from any designated mission-carrier available to you will only count if the ship being aided is also a mission ship...

 Note that tactical quandaries will come up during these duels...  Enemy mission ships may be out of reach of your own mission ships, but those same enemy mission ships are about to attack your other forces... What do you do?  Retreat from those specific ships with your forces, to allow your own mission ships to come forward and attack next turn?  The enemy rarely cooperates gently with such complex maneuvering, but duty does call!

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