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4 - Death by Duel

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Save The Admiral Campaign




 Missions to help Save the Admiral!


 Urgent news from Central Command!  Reports have come in that several missing elite ships have been reported lost at sea in your current battle zone.  YOU must track down where these ships were lost, and rescue any survivors.  Bring home our people!  And do not leave them in enemy hands.

 Command was able to muster up some extra ships to help you out, but hardly enough to make your job of winning this battle any easier while searching for the missing people.  In other words, you will have fewer ships left to help win your own battle here on this map...

Search the zones until you find the survivors.  End your turn in the hex with the survivors, and they will board your ship (assuming you have room left to carry them).  Then bring the survivors back to one of your home cities (the cities you started the game owning).  If your ship is destroyed while carrying the survivors, there is a chance that they will appear again in the hex where your ship died... waiting to be rescued again.

 Sometimes the survivors will already have reached land, and you will have to move your ships along the shore to find them.  All ships can "see" inland one hex to find and pick up survivors.  Carriers can "see" and pickup survivors on land up to three hexes away.

 And in the worst cases, survivors will already have been captured by the enemy and taken back to prison camps in one of the enemy's home cities (i.e. starting city owned by the enemy).  You will need to smash through the defenders to pickup up the survivors there.

 There have been reports of the enemy waiting in ambush near survivors in the hopes of ships like yours coming along looking for people to rescue, so be careful!

 The mission button and floating mission menu will describe the number of missing command officers and command crew.  Buy your choice of ships to move to the various zones to search for survivors in, but take note that some ships can carry more survivors than others.  Specifically, fast PT boats, and Submarines can only pick up one crew unit, Destroyers can pick up two, and all other ships can carry up to four crew units.

 Because this mission is so important to our navy's morale, the normal city conquest Victory Points you take during this mission will be adjusted by how well you find the survivors.  This adjustment is made to what would otherwise be your normal cumulative VP total for the game.

 For instance, if you fail to provide even one survivor, you will usually be credited only 60% or less of your actual VP total.  If you manage to rescue about 80% of the survivors, you will receive credit for 100% of your VP total.  Find and bring home all of the survivors, and you will be credited 120% or more of your actual VP total.

 In other words, failing to find the survivors will severely lessen your score for this battle.  Find most or all of the survivors and your score for this battle will not suffer.  You also have the chance to earn a VP bonus on top of all the cities you actually conquered.

 The Real Reward is helping rebuild the Admiral's reputation by pleasing central command and helping out the nearby troubled region.  Do a good job and you will earn credits towards your own customized command fleet of special ships and abilities abilities, AND improve the Lost Admiral's political repute back home... eventually helping restore him to full office and sanity.

 So complete this mission as best you can to help out the Lost Admiral, and be careful to still win the local fight for cities because command central will not be pleased if you blow either job (i.e. your mission rewards will be lessened if you lose the local battle while getting those reinforcements delivered).

Specific Tips on how to execute the mission start here:

  Use the Mini Map to see where various mission zones are located.  Zone hexes will be displayed as orange on the Mini Map.  Any Zone hex that is in a city harbor hex will be shown as a small orange "box" around the corresponding hex on the Mini Map.

  To learn more about various zones, use the movement screen.  Scroll the map (or use the Mini Map to quick-jump to the area) and then hold your mouse pointer motionless for a moment over the green dashed area of the zone.  After a moment, a "tool tip" with more information will pop up describing this zone.

  You can also use this same "tool tip" trick to learn more about mission ships.

  Mission ships are displayed as normal ships on the movement screen, with a green flag flying above them.  This green flag indicates the special "mission" nature of the ship.  Move your mouse over the ship to get a "tool tip" describing what the mission ship is carrying and or where it needs to travel to next as part of the mission.

  During "Rescue", you will need to find, pickup, and return safely home lost groups of command officers and command crew.  You can use any ship to find and pickup these crew, but smaller ships will not be able to carry as many total groups of crew as larger ships.

  Find the missing crew members by exploring various zones on the map.  These zones will have small question marks on them when you have not yet explored the hex, and the "tool tip" for that hex will give you more information on the zone, and any crew you have found there.   Missing crew, once located, look like small life rafts floating on the water, or small camps on land.

  Explore water zones simply by moving into the zone with any ship.  Explore land zones by moving any ship next to the zone.  For unexplored land hexes deeper inland (i.e. not right next to water), you will need to use Carriers, which can explore up to three hexes inland.  Zones located in enemy city harbors can be explored by moving into the hex with your ships.

  Pickup any crew you find by ending the movement phase with ships in that hex, (or next to land hexes) to pick them up.  Your ship will have to survive combat with any enemy ships located in the hex before getting to pickup crew.  Your ship that picks up the crew will become a "mission ship" with a green flag over it, and a cargo consisting of the crew members picked up.

  Once you have picked up missing crew members, move the mission ship to carry them back to any of your home cities that you still own.  The moment you enter that harbor hex, the crew will be considered rescued!

  If per chance your mission ship carrying found crew members is sunk en route to your home cities, the crew members will usually appear in the hex where your ship was sunk, awaiting a new ship to pick them up!

  Note that special small graphics will appear during movement in the hex of any of your ships that are able to interact with the mission.  If your ship can do a mission action by ending it's turn in that hex, an icon with a question mark in it will appear to confirm that you are in the right hex.  If you are in the right hex, but too late, or your ship is already full, etc, an icon with an "X" in it will appear, along with a popup message explaining more.  When you successfully complete part of the mission during movement you will see a small icon with an explanation mark in it (as opposed to at the end of your movement phase + combat phase, which is not seen onscreen).


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