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Battleships, submarines, and destroyers are the core units in LAR

Battle of the Atlantic "Wolfpack" Instant Game

Battle of the Atlantic icon for Instant game.  During the historic Battle of the North Atlantic, submarine ambushes against convoys were a deciding factor of much of the war.  This LAR battle recreates the out numbered escorts struggle to keep transports safe against the submarine menace.

Play as the desperate convoy, or the ambushing submarines during the Battle of the Atlantic during ww2 and wwi...

  Red has a force of transports and a variety of escort warships very near a clump of neutral cities ready to be claimed.  Red has some sub killing destroyers and PT boats, but not enough to fend off all the submarines.  Yellow has plenty of submarines and a small number of surface raiders.

  Victory is based on claiming new cities and keeping your home city while attacking the enemy home cities where possible.  Protect transports by keeping a warship in the same hex with the transport at all times.  Move transports to new un-owned cities to claim them for your side, increasing your victory points.

  Remember that transports are the key to holding cities in most Lost Admiral Returns battles.  Keep a transport in a city to keep earning victory points for that city.  If your transport leaves the city or is sunk, the city will go un-owned.  Win the battle by earning more victory points than the enemy.  The harder the difficulty level you choose, the more VPs you will have to earn compared to the enemy side.

"Wolfpack" has different warship distributions and layouts for every battle, depending on the AI level you challenge, and which side you play as (red or yellow).  If you find the current level too difficult, try a lower level.  To win a Gold patch, play against level 8 or higher, and win by as large a percent ratio as you can.  Post your scores online as either yellow or red and see what kind of scores other people have achieved for the same level.


Specific hints on how to fight this ambush in "Battle for the Atlantic" start here:

  When playing as Red, do not panic and keep those transports on course for nearby un-owned cities.  Kill as many submarines as possible, but expect heavy casualties on both sides.  Use the larger warships to protect transports by staying close to them while the destroyers chase down the menace.

  When playing as Yellow, use your greater firepower to quickly kill larger enemy escorts and any lone transports.  Try to outlast the destroyers by keeping the submarines clumped together.  Try distracting the enemy destroyers with your surface ships.  Keep an eye open for straggling enemy transports.

Instant Battles like this one can not be projected, so you will have to fight out every turn of the battle, squeezing out every victory point you can each turn.  Be careful not to let the enemy turn the tide of battle on the last few turns.


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