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TUTORIAL 4: Selecting units at the start of battles

Here is a view of the build menu, where you ships at the start of a battle.Lost Admiral Returns is a turn based strategy game where you outmaneuver your opponents for control of coastal cities using battleships, destroyers, submarines, and other ships.

The latest information on Lost Admiral Returns can be found at the official website at www.lostadmiralreturns.com.

The forth tutorial covers city resources in Lost Admiral Returns, how to build new ships with such resources, along with some more manuvers for Submarines and how to use Cruisers.

Run the tutorial to walk through these aspects of the LAR game.  You can also use the Help and Advice Screens built into every menu in the game to learn more about various parts of the game.

Specific lessons in Tutorial 4 are:

1) An overview of the Unit Selection menu, and what kind of starting cities you receive for the current battle.

2) How to visit each Start City and design your own fleet of ships to start there.

3) How "Task Force Ship Boxes" for all nearby cities are shown to help keep track of where ships are traveling to.  Every ship you buy can be "targeted" towards where it will be needed the most.

4) Two distinct ways to buy ships:

  • Left click on the desired ship type in lower left screen, then left click on the desired destination city's Ship Box
  • OR select a desired destination city's Ship Box, then right click on several desired ships in lower left screen.

5) During Movement, use green dotted trail to remember destination city.  Simply "follow the dots" when moving non-warships in backwater areas, such as transports moving towards distant neutral cities.  You can also change the official destination of a unit when you change your mind about what city the ship would be most useful at.

6) Use "L" Ship List menu during movement to manage all ship's city destinations.  This list will let you review your entire fleet... what kinds of ships you have left alive, where they are located, and what cities they are helping to conquer.

7) How to customize the Unit selection menu to your own tastses, by choosing the "V"iew style to use for selecting and viewing the units you buy.  Choose from Advanced, Advanced Classic, Simple Classic, or Blended to find just the right amount of information displays for your needs.

Earn Victory Points to win the battle:

Each city you can claim for your side by using a Transport type of ship will earn you the city's Victory Points at the end of each turn.  Regardless of how your warships are faring on the battlefield, what counts in the end is the Victory Points you earn from your cities during the game.

Some battles will require you to simply earn more total Victory Points by the end of the battle than your opponent to win.  Other battles will give you a better starting position than the enemy, and therefore you will be expected to earn significantly MORE Victory Points than the enemy to win.  I.E. Your starting position might be good enough that you must earn 30% more Victory Points than your opponent just to "break even" and barely win the battle.  If you earn 25% more VPs than the enemy, you will LOSE the battle (by an adjusted 5% percent, so to speak).


Flow of turns in LAR:

In LAR, battles are fought between the Red Player and Yellow Player for a specific number of turns.  Your goal is to earn enough Victory Points to defeat your opponent by the end of the battle.  This goal is listed as a percent of your opponent's VP Total that you must make.  I.E. score VPs of your own equal to 130% of your opponents to win on a map and start setup that favors you.

You will have only a certain number of turns to achieve this score ratio (or better) in.  Each game will have a setup stage, and then turns broken down into phases as follows:

  • Red Movement Phase - red moves all their ships as desired.
  • Combat Phase - both sides get to fire their ships once.
  • Yellow Movement Phase - Yellow gets to move their ships now.
  • Combat Phase - again both sides get to fire their ships once.
  • City Ownership Phase - Ownership of cities is given to players who are the only one to have a Transport type ship in that city harbor.  The owning players earn Victory Points for that city, along with resources, and will get to repair any of their own damaged ships in that harbor, removing up to 2 points of damage.
  • That ends the turn, and the next turn starts with Red Movement again.


This manual is broken up into sections explaining how to play the game, how the program menus work, and other details of interest to players of Lost Admiral Returns.

Please use the menu bar on the left to navigate the manual.

If you have questions, please visit our forum and look for help there.

If you find an error or omission in this manual, please email us at support@fogstone.com

Thank you for trying out Lost Admiral Returns!

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Here is a view of the build menu, where you ships at the start of a battle.

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