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Battleships are lots of fun in Lost Admiral Returns.  Unlike most Battleship Games, you can maneuver these massive killing machines to dominate the battle ocean.  You can also enjoy the flavor of famous wwii battleship combat with your choice of famous ships such as the Yamato battleship, Battleship New Jersey, Battleship Texas, Battleship Missouri, or any other battleship that comes to mind.

Save The Admiral Region Map:

 The Save The Admiral Campaign is broken up into Regions.  Each region contains a variety of states that need to be swayed to support the Admiral.

 Each state's Initials are displayed over the state boundaries, along with the cost in State points to undertake it's special mission.  Underneath the Initials will be a number indicating it's "resistance" to being swayed, along with a summary of any rewards being offered by the state.  Moving the mouse pointer over the state will show a bit more information, including the specific map and mission the state wants you (and the Admiral) to tackle.

 If the state's resistance is particularly high, usually 8+, it is considered to be "swayed against" the Admiral.  There will be a Red X shape over the state's boundaries, and the State initials will be displayed with -- marks next to them.  Swayed against states are a double dilemma, because not only are their missions harder due to the high resistance, but also winning the state's special battle will only reduce the overall resistance of the state, rather than make it's politicians vote for the Admiral.

 Every time you successfully finish a state's mission, the state will usually be "swayed" to support the Admiral.  Swayed states are displayed with a green circle over it's boundaries, and with ++ marks next to it's Initials.  You win the rewards for the state, AND the resistance of all adjacent non-swayed states will be reduced by one.  If you can reduce a state's resistance to zero in this manor, you will be awarded the state without having to fight it's specific special mission.

 If you lose a State's special battle, you will be penalized somewhat on the Region map, though you will still earn the normal variety of useful points even for a lost battle, such as bribe points, state points, etc.  That specific state's resistance will usually increase by 2 points, and all adjacent non-swayed states will also increase 1 point in resistance.  Remember that if a state's resistance rises high enough, it will become "swayed against" the Admiral, and be tougher to get turned around and swayed for him.

At times, several states on the Region map may offer a bounty for attempting their mission next (before any other states).  These states will have ?? marks next to their initials, and the bounty's worth can be seen in the same button that surmises how many state and other points you have.  Successfully finishing a state's special battle while it offers a bounty is especially good, because you will lower the resistance of all nearby states by 2 points!  AND you will sway the state in one battle, even if it is currently "swayed against" the Admiral.

The rewards offered by each state (and as bounties) consist of a variety of different things:

  • Flagship modules - These are usually fairly high quality, containing several letters to generate a variety of special abilities on your flagship.  Displayed simply as the letters it is worth, such as "ABBC".
  • Bonus State, Bribe,  Clout, or Perk points.  Shown as "+6s" for 6 state points, etc.  The initials are s=state, b=bribe, c=clout, p=perk points.
  • Special one-use ability plays: Rein=Call for Reinforcements, spy=Spy on the location of enemy ships, trait=cause mutinies amongst enemy ships, and sabot=sabotage enemy ships to prevent them from moving for one turn.  Learn more about these points on the STA Battle page.
  • Very special Region effects.  Specifically "Influence", which (when won) will reduce the resistance of all states on the Region map as long as they are next to at least one already swayed state.  Obviously, you should try to hold off on winning this reward until you have already swayed several states on the Region map.

  Once you sway all the states on the current Region, the Admiral's improved condition will be reflected by the images showing his mental and physical shape.  You will then move on to a new Region, and these regions will steadily become more complex or tougher in terms of the state's demands.

  Complete enough Regions, and you should be able to return the Admiral back to helping his country, and his full former glory!

 You will also eventually be able to see your progress online compared to other players, both on a Region by Region basis, and in an overall comparison based on how well you have helped the Admiral over all time.

Learn more about the special battles each state requires you to undertake next...


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